Cover is always made in IC materials and you can choose between four models: with Embossing; with Acrylic picture; with Acrylic picture + Embossing; or Plain in one of the 15 IC materials available.
This product can be printed in one of the five choices of Photographic Paper we have.
Fly pages will be manufactured on the same material of the cover. There are fifteen different colours to manufacture the covers and Wooden Boxes.
Vintage Albums are Lay-Flat.

Sizes: 15×20, 20×15, 20×20, 25×25, 30×30, 30×40, 40×30 and 35×35 cm.

Album-vintage-Marbella10 album-digital-cubiertas-0


The Luxury materials are presented with a wide variety of colors, tones and textures. Synthetic, velvet, snake… Choose your perfect style…

album-boda-digital-marbella8 album-digital-cubiertas-04 album-digital-cubiertas-05


The Standard covers are made of synthetic leather. Nice touch and variety of colors. Perfectly simulate of genuine leather covers.



The Touch Album Collection is perfect for anyone who wants all the glamor and elegance in a photographic work. It’s simple, Lay-flat and the cover has a soft texture and a modern, innovative design due to UV varnish printing with Vintage graphics. There are seven available models with the possibility of customizing the names and event’s date.

To make it even more unique and distinctive, the names are repeated on the Spine and Fly Pages (Fly Pages Touch Collection).

Printing is done by superimposing several layers of UV Reserved Varnish giving it relief and an unique glow.

Cover and fly pages are produced from the same material – Soft Feel Black, extending its softness and sobriety from the first to the last page …

Album Touch Collection is only available with normal binding. Soft binding is not available on this product.

Sizes: 15×20, 20×15, 20×20, 25×25, 30×30, 30×40, 35×35 and 40×30 cm.

Paper/Lamination available: Lustre, Lustre with Glossy Film Lamination, Lustre with UV Varnish, Metallic with Glossy Film Lamination, Metallic with UV Varnish and Silk.

 album-boda-original-0 album-boda-original-02


On Signature Collection we present you a lay flat Album, printed with Indigo on Fine Art GessoSirio Polar or Nettuno. It’s available in six sizes: 30×30, 30×40, 40×30, 15×20, 20×15 or 20×20 cm. The last three sizes are suited for Parents Albums. There are two cover models: with a 10×10 image in low relief or plain, in five different colours. Signature Collection Album spreads are not folded keeping a 2mm space between pages. On the other three sizes the image is printed on a folded spread. Fly pages are always made in black cardboard.

Warning: Signature Collection Wooden Box is only available for Albums with a maximum of 35 spreads (70 pages).

Sizes: 15×20, 20×15, 20×20, 30×30, 30×40 and 40×30 cm.


For those looking for new concepts and alternatives to convencional Album covers… Produced entirely in velvet material, the Volluto Collection has soft and comfort touch.

It is available in two cover options: golden or silver metal plate on which grooms name and wedding date will be printed in black with reserved varnish; or Acrylic. Both on 5×12, 12×5 or 7×7 cm.

For the inside you can use all photo papers available and choose between 15×20, 20×15, 20×20, 25×25, 30×30, 30×40, 40×30, 35×35 or 40×40 cm.

Font used on metal plates: FUTURA STD LIGHT

Sizes: 15×20, 20×15, 20×20, 25×25, 30×30, 30×40, 40×30, 35×35 and 40×40

album-boda-terciopelo-0 album-boda-terciopelo-03


How often have you felt limited by the number of spreads, weight and cost of your digital albums when you are designing events with lots of images? With Fusion Book, you will no longer have this problem. Now you can obtain up to 300 pages in one book 20×20, 21×29, 29×21, 30×30, 30×40 and 40×30 cm, without incurring more volume, weight and handling care. The Book Fusion successfully combines all these elements …
The Fusion Book is printed on Fine Art paper ePhoto 190grs with the first page on vegetal paper. Cover can be Customized, Plain (with IC, SC01 or SC02 materials) or with embossing..
For better storage, you can still pick a Wooden Box to match.

Sizes: 20×20, 21×29, 29×21, 30×30, 30×40 and 40×30 cm.



In The Love Hunters © we have many options for covers (front and back). Choose your best picture for the front cover. We make a beautiful logo with your names, wedding date and a commemorative slogan.



Genuine leather covers for wedding books are another good choice for lovers of authenticity. The covers of your wedding album with natural leather are available in 5 colors and embossing can be performed on them, so save your names on them is not a problem.



Soft Binding is a binding process where cardboard is not used in the middle of two photo paper spreads (as in normal), giving them greater flexibility.


Our bags and suitcases for wedding albums are simple and elegant. Useful for transport and for better conservation.


Our brand printed with varnish on a silver or golden metal plate. A touch of class to your wedding album. The logo of The Love Hunters is a detail of distinction that awarded to your albums exclusivity and distinction that deserves your wedding reportage. Size: 7 x 3,5 cm



We make your prints on photo paper in all standard sizes or those who need it. We have a wide range of photographic and fine art papers. You know that in our wedding reportages we always deliver all original photos edited in high resolution without any restrictions or watermark so you can make as many copies or ampliations as you like.


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