THE LOVE HUNTERS offers you something more than a regular wedding video. We like to call it “digital wedding cinema”. Thanks to the type of camera and lenses that we use when recording, we get spectacular cinematic results. The use of two high definition cameras in recording allows 100% coverage of your wedding, keeping in mind that four eyes see better than two.


We rely on our own personal recording and editing team so that the same business is in charge of your wedding photos and video. This has many different advantages, such as, the photos and video maintaining the same style and finishes. Thanks to the coordination and experience of our team you won´t have to do anything twice and your wedding photography and video will be in complete harmony.


Depending on your wedding´s characteristics, you can use as many cameras as you need on the day. In our videos we use the latest filming techniques, through use of the latest professional recording system: steadycam, crane, sliders, GOPRO cameras and even drones to take the aerial shots.


These are our star products. We create beautiful stories on film for your pre or post-wedding video. With our original wedding invitation videos you can let your family and friends know about your big day in the most original and entertaining manner possible. You can send the video on DVD or a USB stick, on the web, through whatsapp or email.


• FORMAT: Recorded on 1, 2 or 3 cameras in HD for the entire event: preparation, ceremony, aperitifs, reception, lunch/dinner, dance and the wedding photos taken during the ceremony and following celebration.

• DURATION: The pen-drive lasts from half an hour to one hour. Its length depends on the type of celebration and how long the event lasts.

• SCENES INCLUDED ON THE USB PEN-DRIVE. The pen-drive includes the following scenes:

  • PREPARATIONS: Escenes that show the bride and groom getting dressed and ready for the ceremony.
  • CEREMONY: Scenes that include the arrival of the bride and groom to the location of the ceremony, whether it is a religious or a civil ceremony. all the contributions of friends and family are included here such as readings or speeches and of course all the important moments of the ceremony such as the exchanging of the rings, the “i do”, the kiss, songs and choir etc. the original audio will be used and some backround music may be used to enhance the images.
  • PHOTO SHOOT: The possibility of taking wedding photos and recording video in a place close to the location of the ceremony or reception is offered. for this purpose, gardens, parks and beaches tend to be used…
  • RECEPTION / COCKTAIL/ PARTY: Scenes that show the cocktail hour, this is the beginning of the meal in honour of the bride and groom.
  • CELEBRATORY MEAL:  This scene shows the images from the meal in the reception. in this sequence there will be the shots of the guests at the tables and the important moments such as the cutting of the cake, the gift giving, speeches, special appearances etc.
  • DANCE: This section shows the couple´s first dance in its entirety.
  • HIGHLIGHTS: This is a video that is approximately 5 minutes long with the best moments from the aforementioned scenes.
  • MAKING OF: In this section you can find different entertaining scenes from various moments of the event. the existence of this scene depends of the amount of footage available for its possible creation.

*We recommend that you visit our studios to see examples of our work. In this way you will have a very clear idea of what your event could look like.




This service offers the creation and showing of a video of the best moments of your wedding that we project the same day as your wedding, before the first dance. This service includes the editing of the video, projector screen, and projector. Look at this example



We create beautiful stories on video for your pre-wedding recording. It includes the projection of the video at the wedding (projector screen and projector). The pre-wedding videos are normally made to be shown at the wedding reception, generally before or after the first dance. Look at this example



We create beautiful stories on video for your post-wedding recording. The post-wedding videos are created as the grand finale to the wedding video. The couple put on their wedding attire again, a few days after the wedding (normally after the honeymoon) to take part in a final keepsake. This can be recorded in various locations (beach, countryside, mountains, doing their favourite activities etc.). Look at this example



Invite your family and friends to your wedding though an entertaining video invitation. You can send the invitation on a DVD or USB stick, put it on a web page or send it through whatsapp or email. This video is normally based on the hobbies of the couple, their work or even an original script that we create for them and it allows them to announce their intention to wed. Sometimes it is the couple themselves who come up with ingenious ideas for the script for their video invitation. Look at this example



An emotional video that mixes romantic images of the couple as they chat about their relationship: How they met, where they had their first kiss, how the wedding proposal happened….This is one of the most popular products for our customers. It is very entertaining to see how both people tell the story in their own way. Then, the video is edited, where the two versions are meshed together and the stories are checked for compatibility. This product is normally projected on the day of the wedding during the reception as the warm up to the couple’s first dance. Look at this example



This is product that allows your family and friends to leave their entertaining and emotional messages for you. It is not only a great keepsake to use in the extras section of our DVD, but also a light-hearted moment of fun, an enjoyable moment, a cool activity that all your guests will enjoy. This will be included in the scenes on the DVD / USB DRIVE. Look at this example



Don’t worry about the projection of your video during your wedding reception; we will take care of it. We have a professional team to play your videos in the highest quality. We offer a video projector, a projector screen and a projectionist so that everything will turn out perfectly.

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