How to get a good wedding story?

Discover some tips to get a good wedding story without having to worry about anything other than enjoying your day.

The best advice we can give in The Love Hunters © to achieve a good wedding story is for you to enjoy your day. Couples who come to us want to be free from worries regarding their wedding photos. They want to have a good story wedding, but without having to worry about posing or being aware of the photographer at all times. If you want to enjoy your day without worrying about the outcome of your photos, then count with The Love Hunters. As wedding photographers in Marbella and Malaga, we develop a completely natural work, in which we tell things as they happen.


We are the ones who adapt to the needs of your event, looking for wedding photographs that are spontaneous and natural, away from posed or controlled photographs. To achieve a wedding story with the lure of a natural and spontaneous reporting, we developed our work as paparazzi and press photographers. This approach, which is called wedding photojournalism consists of a photo shoot without intervening in the natural or normal course of things. We do not go directly to the couple or the family or guests. We just capture what we see. This style of wedding reportage is much more fresh and real, which makes it more interesting than a story full of poses and clichés. We believe that the couple should enjoy their day without us wedding photographers directing your event in search of perfect pictures that in the end they are no more that just prepared pictures that lack naturalness and emotion.


If you are one of those couples who believe they do not photograph well, get ready to experience a different wedding story style. If we feel we do not appear well in pictures or, as they say, that we are not photogenic, the reality is that we do not like to pose. Surely you have pictures of yourself that you love because you were caught in the moment. Those pictures you like precisely because they are natural and reflect a moment or action, not putting on a face for the picture. Our wedding reportage reflects that, … capturing special moments in natural stances … let us be the ones who make efforts to get good pictures that speak of you and what you are doing and feeling in special moments like your wedding day.

Another thing to consider for a good wedding story is that you organize yourselves well to get to the wedding day without any worries. Surround yourself with professionals in all fundamental aspects of a wedding such as venue, the photographer, the beauty staff, florist, musicians … so that each of them do their best in each part of the story. If you delegate in the hands of true professionals you just have to wait for the big day to enjoy yourself, which will translate into a good story wedding because you will be relaxed, carefree and enjoying yourself to the maximum in the company of family and friends. If instead you leave it all to the last day and in the hands of non-professionals, problems appear and instead of enjoying your wedding you will be watching things that are going wrong instead of enjoying the moment, therefore the result of the wedding story is not what was expected. Remember… ENJOY THE DAY. Surround yourself with professionals and do not leave the organisation for the last minute.


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