Wedding in Gibraltar.

A natural and pretty photo shoot of a wedding in Gibraltar.

Many followers and couples who become clients of THE LOVE HUNTERS © ask us how our photo shoots are so perfect, without thinking about the fact that they are the architects of our photos. It is the couples and the all that they have done to prepare for marriage that makes our photos and films so magical. Really, our work consists of capturing everything that happens, emphasising the most important moments, waiting for feelings to come to the surface. We wait for the glisten of a tear, a smile, a look; the perfect emotions that create the magic to change a simple silent image into a great moment.

THE LOVE HUNTERS © chooses the photo shoots that we want to work on every year. We know that a big part of our work depends on the organisation of the wedding. In summary, the more effort the couple has made in planning their wedding the better that our photos will be.

Some decisions that are taken really influence the resulting photos. The choice of spaces where the successive events will take place plays the most important role. The spaces to really think about are: 1. the space for the bride and groom’s pre-wedding preparations (hotel rooms, the couple’s home, home of their family etc.) 2. The place where the ceremony will take place (church or other temple, garden, beach, countryside etc.) 3. The place(s) where the photo session of the couple will take place and 4. The party location, post-ceremony reception.

It’s obvious that some places are more suitable than others for these types of events and by keeping this in mind you will achieve better/worse or merely different results. One thing is clear, natural light is our raw material and there is no comparison with fluorescent or tungsten light.

We prefer to work without flash. This is why we interview all the couples who want to work with us, to get to know all the details of the event that they are planning and to see if we can offer them a photo shoot in true THE LOVE HUNTERS © fashion.

Taking into proper account of the lighting conditions of a location, it is important to highlight the different light qualities depending on the time of day. The timetabling of a spring or summer wedding should be between 11:30-13:30 in the morning or between 18:00-20:00 in the evening. If a photographer is asked at what time he would prefer to take wedding photos he would always answer “in the evening” or better said, he would answer “just before sunset”. That time is what we photographers call “the golden hour”.

The Golden hour (also sometimes referred to as the magic hour) is the last few minutes of the day between the setting of the sun and the onset of nightfall. In technical speak, it is the when the light is softer and more diffuse than at other times of the day. The shadows are softer and almost imperceptible because the sun has gone below the horizon. Because of this position, the light reflects off the atmosphere, creating some indirect light.

Apart from looking at the light and spaces as important elements, when you are organising a wedding you should consider every little detail, take everything into account, the dress, the rings, the flowers, the music, the cake, the cars. After all, like I said before, we are only witnesses to our customer’s creations.

I leave you with the wedding photos of Emma and Dion in Gibraltar, The ceremony took place in Gibraltar Cathedral and the following celebration in El Coto restaurant in Campamento, a neighbourhood near La Linea de la Concepcion, Cadiz. The photo session was organised in the Botanical Gardens and in the Lighthouse, both in Gibraltar.

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