The attitude of a couple is so important in a engagement or trash the dress photo session. Being relaxed and acting naturally in front of the cameras really helps with the final product. Our aim is to capture that naturalness, spontaneity and of course, sense of playfulness in our photos. Originality, spontaneity and artistic quality are also some of the things that we try to offer.

Although a good attitude and body language in front of the camera are the most important things, location also matters. Some couples are able to give loving and entertaining natural poses from the beginning, while others require a little more direction to be able to succeed. Sometimes, you can even find beautiful pictures in perfect locations that suffer from a lack of attention to detail when it comes to directing e.g. a twisted back, a nose that is squashed against their partner’s face, shadows, limbs that disappear behind a dress. These are all examples of regularly neglected aspects in photos. We work with some clichés that work for all the couples that we photograph. However, it is necessary that the couples give something of themselves to the photos also. Every couple has a unique way of communicating, of looking at each other, of loving each other and those unique movements and gestures are what make their photos special. Trying to get a couple to behave naturally in front of a camera isn’t easy. Normally we recommend a warm up first. We take some shots before we begin with the shoot seriously, which helps to create a good atmosphere between the photographer and the subjects. We speak about something unrelated to photography or let the couple speak with the photographer, all of this helps to create a relaxed working atmosphere.

A trick that we use is to take a photo just after we allow the couple to stop posing in the way we have asked them to. That way, we capture a natural and spontaneous version of a well-posed picture. For those who don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, it can be useful to have a session before the wedding day itself to help discover their strong and weak points. Once discovered, we can prepare for and work on these points on the big day. It is important that the couple are made aware of the fact that they shouldn’t be worried about the camera on the big day. In The Love Hunters, we try to make our photos of the ceremony 90% natural, with no fake posing; this is why this pre-wedding session can be so advantageous. It is perfect to learn about the attitude of the couple in front of the camera and then we can predict their movements and advise them face-to-face on the day of the wedding. The other “non-natural” 10% refers to the group photos that we also take. We make sure that people are lined-up correctly, use original ideas and follow the unbreakable rule of no drinks or cigarettes in the frame to get excellent results. Roxana and Borja’s pre-wedding photo shoot is the perfect example of the perfect attitude in front of the cameras. The enjoyment and natural attitude of the couple shown during the shoot was obvious. See the results for yourself here…

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